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Elevate your sneaker game with the adidas Niteball low-top sneakers, available at South Africa's premier online sneaker destination. Inspired by basketball silhouettes, these kicks are crafted for both on and off the court, making a bold statement with their chunky design and featuring Lightstrike cushioning for a light and springy feel.


- Outer: 100% Leather, 100% Fabric

- Sole: 100% Rubber

- Lining: 100% Fabric

Designed to provide optimal comfort and style, these Niteball sneakers are a must-have in your collection. The model showcased is wearing size 8, emphasizing their versatility and appeal across different sizes. Step into fashion-forward footwear with the adidas Niteball low-tops, exclusively available at the best online sneaker store in South Africa.

1. **Versatile Style**: The adidas Niteball appeals to a diverse range of consumers with its versatile design, suitable for various fashion preferences and personal styles.

2. **Comfort-Driven**: Crafted with Lightstrike cushioning, the Niteball prioritizes comfort, making it an ideal choice for consumers who prioritize a cushioned and supportive feel throughout the day.

3. **Athletic and Casual Wear**: Designed for both on and off the court, these sneakers seamlessly transition between athletic activities and casual outings, catering to consumers with active lifestyles and varied daily routines.

4. **Fashion Statement**: The chunky silhouette of the Niteball allows consumers to make a bold fashion statement, appealing to those who seek trendy and eye-catching footwear.

5. **Quality Materials**: With an outer composition of leather and fabric, and a rubber sole, the Niteball ensures durability and high-quality construction, appealing to consumers who prioritize long-lasting and well-crafted footwear.

6. **All-Weather Traction**: The rubber sole provides reliable traction, making the Niteball suitable for different weather conditions and environments, appealing to consumers who value versatility in their footwear.

7. **Size Inclusivity**: The availability of various sizes, as demonstrated by the model wearing size 8, ensures that the Niteball caters to consumers of different foot sizes, promoting inclusivity in fashion.

8. **Heritage Inspiration**: Drawing inspiration from basketball silhouettes, the Niteball appeals to consumers with an appreciation for athletic heritage, offering a blend of retro style and modern comfort.

9. **Light and Springy Feel**: The incorporation of Lightstrike cushioning not only enhances comfort but also provides a light and springy feel, appealing to consumers who prioritize dynamic and responsive footwear.

10. **Exclusive Availability**: As part of the adidas collection, the Niteball's exclusive availability at the best online sneaker store makes it a sought-after item, attracting consumers who appreciate unique and premium offerings.

adidas Niteball low-top sneakers

R2 400,00 Regular Price
R1 920,00Sale Price
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